Mahmud Habib Zaman NSU MIBC April 18, 2023
Faculty Advisor of NSU MIBC Mahmud Habib Zaman
Words from our Faculty Advisor

Mr. Mahmud Habib Zaman is the new faculty advisor of MIBC. He is a magnificent mentor and guardian. The Crimson Red Flag of MIBC is being raised to new heights by Mr. Mahmud, attributable to his extraordinary experience and wisdom. He ensures the club’s maximum growth with his vast networks and links in academics and business communications. His tireless efforts in organizing club events and advocating for its members have been precious. His tremendous superintendence abilities and commitment to the club’s goal have helped it to unprecedented levels of success. Under his leadership, the club gained prominence and earned respect among NSU’s other business clubs. MIBC has grown incredibly in membership and participation under Mr. Mahmud’s direction.

Mr. Mahmud aspires for MIBC to reach all of its benchmarks and aspirations and to become a center of excellence where members may develop the soft skills essential to a compelling future in the profession. He is an extraordinary researcher and highly devoted to his research on International Businesses. His experience in the academic field and wide range of expertise enriches MIBC with more excellent knowledge.

He is renowned for his welcoming and compassionate personality, always paying attention to others and offering insightful counsel. He fosters a nurturing environment where students feel comfortable expressing their concerns, ideas, and aspirations. Mr. Mahmud’s kind soul personality makes the club ambiance more friendly and lively.

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