Mr. Mahtab Muntazeri NSU MIBC February 6, 2020
Founding Faculty Advisor 2019 - 2022
Mr. Mahtab Muntazeri

Our Faculty Advisor, Mr. Mahtab Muntazeri, is the guardian and the overseer of the club. All the successful events and endeavors MIBC held and ventured on are the direct result of his guidance and leadership. A seasoned mentor and an exceptional role model, Mr. Muntazeri is the impetus for our club’s growth across all networks, spearheading its position as a frontrunner among the business clubs at NSU and in the corporate scene. Impeccably upholding the club’s integrity and its “Envision Beyond Borders” tagline since its inception, he has consistently cultivated MIBC’s creative vision and instigated the club’s developments in every stage. In his role,  he not only serves as a student advocate to the outside world but also as a university representative in an official capacity to help guide MIBC in university protocols.

Mr. Muntazeri envisions MIBC  displaying excellent performance in organizing events and creating strong connections between educational and global corporations for business undergrads conducive to future facilities. But most importantly, he wants to see the club develop itself into a reputed student body excelling at certain manifested criterions the club is built upon -member competencies, soft skills, and the basic qualities of being a good human being.

A highly motivated individual driven to outperform past achievements, Mr. Muntazeri strives to continuously find opportunities to hone his innate teaching skills and find new ways to communicate with his students. He is passionate about working on innovative and high-impact research that would promote life-long learning for personal development as well as contribute to the development of the community.

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