Intra-Ignite NSU MIBC December 1, 2022

Intra-NSU Club Business Competition



Intra-NSU Club Business Competition

Intra-Ignite is a business case competition based on solving real-life business problems. This event aims to create a platform for the students of NSU to explore and showcase their expertise in a familiar and comfortable environment. The competition will feature generic business cases based on marketing or any other field of business. There will be two rounds of rigorous case solving and article write-up to challenge the participants on their respective grounds.

Intra-Ignite is the first-ever intra-NSU business case competition exclusively for North South University students. Over 200 teams and 800 participants competed to solve real-life business problems. The event features two rounds of rigorous case-solving and article write-ups, with a workshop before the final round. In the finals, 10-12 teams competed in two groups, writing articles on specific business topics. The top three teams shared a prize pool of BDT 30,000 and had their articles published in NSU MIBC magazine.