AMELIOR NSU MIBC December 9, 2022

Year's biggest interactive session where NSUers meet corporate leaders

Interactive session where NSUers meet corporate leaders

Amelior is focused on channeling the inner drive of university students majoring in Marketing and International Business, understanding their full potential, and providing them with proper guidelines on effectively progressing with making their dreams a reality. This event had featured distinguished industry specialists in different sessions on International Business and Marketing. The speakers have proven their worth in their respective fields and have established themselves as industry leaders. The program plan was designed, so the sessions were entirely bilateral, and the participants could share their experiences, questions, wonderment, fears, and support.

Amelior 2022 was a series of interactive grooming sessions where passionate minds discussed the corporate landscape. The second edition, themed Marketing & International Business, provided an opportunity for NSU students to gather information from a two-way interactive session for a competitive advantage in the business-seeking industry. In five unique sessions, leaders from well-known organizations shared their insightful thoughts obtained through years of experience.